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Cereal and Milk Combo Wax Melts

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Milk Fragrance
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A wax melts cereal and milk combo full of fragrance! Just pour your choice of wax melts milk over cereal into bowl or into your wax warmer using the same fragrance as your wax melts cereal choice, oatmeal milk and honey, strawberry or chocolate scent! Strawberry milk smells just like strawberries and chocolate milk smells just like chocolate, oatmeal milk and honey fragrance notes include almond, syrup, musk, tonka and vanilla. to pair with one of your favorite cereal scents! Includes Irresistible Wax bowl with cereal wax melts inside! Fruit loops is a blended sweet fragrance of citrus, juicy fruits smells just like the cereal! Cinnamon crunch notes include a warm fragrance of cinnamon spice, butter and vanilla! Chocolate crunch puffs has a warm fragrance of rich chocolate, vanilla and hint of black licorice! Cap D crunch has fruity berries and a base of the actual cereal notes. Honey bunches of wax notes include honey, almonds, lemon, lime, vanilla, musk and coumarin! Apple Wax notes include apples, cinnamon, clove, peach and tonka! Some fragrances may cause discoloration in white wax melts milk to an off white. Shake wax melts milk well before use. Wax melts milk will discolor as wax melts sit in bowl over time. Your choice to include Irresistible Wax stainless steel spoon for scooping! Para soy wax and carrier oil used. 

Do not eat! Keep away from children and pets. Burn within sight. Remove packaging before burning. Burn in proper holder. Keep wax pool free of debris. Avoid drafty areas.

8 oz. Wax Melts Milk

4 oz. Bowl of Cereal

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