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Basic Batch of Wings and Dessert Combo Box Bundle

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Choose your wing and dessert combo but in our basic batch of wax melts! Bundle includes five fragrances! You pick your wing scent, fries scent and a dessert fragrance choice! Bundle includes our celery and carrots (smells like carrot cake) fragrances. Each can be purchased separately or you can bundle and save plus comes in Irresistible Wax box as pictured! Makes a great gift! Para soy wax blend used. Fragrance choices includes the following:

  • Hot wings- sweet orange and chili pepper
  • Lemon pepper- lemon, birch and black pepper
  • BBQ- smells just like smoky BBQ!
  • Pineapple teriyaki- pineapple and honey
  • Buttermilk pancakes- warm bakery, sweet cream and maple syrup
  • French fries- salty, fried potatoes
  • Smoked vanilla- smoke, clove, jasmine, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, musk
  • Sweet potato- sweet potato and brown sugar

Do not eat! Keep away from children and pets. Burn within sight. Remove packaging before burning. Burn in proper holder. Keep wax pool free of debris. Avoid drafty areas.

2.5-3 oz.